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As you will probably already know there dozens of different reasons as to why your Wi-Fi speed could be delayed on Ventura OS. It can be down to your choice of browser, where your router might be located in your house or your distance away from the said router or maybe issues with how many programs you have open that are simultaneously using the internet. Here is some troubleshooting you can carry out.

The first port of call in this instance is to restart your router. Find out where your router is located in your office or home and simply switch it off using the reset button, leave it off for around 10 seconds before switching it back on. It will take approximately 5 minutes for the connection to come back up and look for any improvement.


1. Fix Ventura os Slow Wifi or NO internet issue

Next, you’ll want to check your DNS Settings. To do this:
1. Go to the Apple Menu in the top left of your screen.
2. Select “System Preferences” and Select “Network” and then to “Wi-Fi”.
3. Click “Advanced” button, in the next window select the DNS option.
4. Click the [+] button to add a new DNS network.
5. Type in the IP addresses of and, respectively. This means that it will first look for googles servers, which will speed up your browsing experience as it is statistically the fastest DNS server.

2. Remove Network and ReConnect

If the problem persist your next step is to remove the WiFi network that you have issues with an reconnect to it later on:

  • Open System Settings -> Network.
  • Go to Advanced WiFi settings.
  • Click the WiFi network in question and remove it.
  • Click the WiFi icon in the menu bar and reconnect to the previously removed network. You should find it in the Other Networks section.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, this guide will have given you all the answers you could have wanted should you have found yourself feeling frustrated at your system running slow after updating to the latest macOS 13, namely Ventura. This guide has also run you through all the possible reasons and solutions should you be having these issues and once resolved, you should be able to use the Ventura OS at an optimal speed.


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