[new] How to set a custom dynamic wallpaper in Catalina os?

custom dynamic wallpaper in catalinaos
custom dynamic wallpaper in catalinaos
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Today we are going to show you how to download custom dynamic wallpaper in Catalina os x and set custom dynamic wallpaper in Catalina osx.

custom dynamic wallpaper in catalinaos
custom dynamic wallpaper in catalinaos

There 4 ways through which you can set custom dynamic wallpapers in Catalina os x lets see following solutions

How to set Custom Dynamic wallpapers in Catalina os X?

Method 1 Easy Way

  • select Catalina wallpaper (System Preferences->Desktop & Screen Saver)
  • make sure the popup button has selected Dynamic item
  • close the System Preferences
  • locate your wallpaper, right click on it and select Services->Set As Wallpaper 

Method 2: Mid (requires tools) Remove Still images from dynamic wallpaper

  1. Recreate dynamic wallpaper without still images (remove appearance metadata)
  2. dynamic wallpapers without still images will cause only one menu item to be present and it will automatically get selected
  3. Dynaper has the Remove Still Images Helper tool 

Method 3: Hardest (but best). Place dynamic wallpaper into System/Library/Desktop Pictures/

  1. First, disable SIP of your MacBook pro or air follows the link to know how to disable it.
  2. Then reboot your system.
  3. Now open a terminal and make System partition writable sudo mount -uw /
  4. Copy wallpaper with root sudo cp path/to/wallpaper System/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/
  5. OPTIONAL: copy custom thumbnail (same name as wallpaper) with root sudo cp path/to/wallpaper System/Library/Desktop\ Pictures/.thumbnails/
  6. After all this, you can re-enable SIP follow given link to do it.

Method 4: Hardcore

  1. Use Xcode: attach to process com.apple.preference.desktopscreeneffect.desktop.remoteservice and Debug view hierarchy
  2. Find the incorrect popup button address
  3. pause program execution
  4. run command [0xaddress setHidden:YES]
  5. resume program execution
  6. modify wallpaper selection to Dynamic


Starting macOS Catalina the system prefers Dark still image on dark appearance. Due to bug 2 overlaping popup buttons are displayed. For images inside System/Library/Desktop Pictures/ the disableCustomPlacement is set to YES (this makes the other popup to be hidden) . All other locations will have this property set to NO (this causes 2 popups to be displayed).

 Derived Properties:
     pictureChangeIsActive:  0 
     canSetBackgroundColor:  0 
     disableCustomPlacement: 0 >
Debug panel
enter image description here

SO these are some way from easy to hardcore i hope this guide will help in changing and setup custom dynamic wallpapers on Catalina os x


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